How to make an account


How to Make an Account:

  • Register here

  • Once you have an account, you will be redirected to your profile where you can upload a cover photo and a profile picture

  • You can upload photos to single albums in the Cosplay Photos menu

  • Once uploaded ,  the photos appear in one of your chosen albums below also in your own personal profile that will be added here:

  • You may also write blogs

  • That will then appear in the User Blogs section

  • NEW! Post Videos:

I’m thrilled to let you know, you can now submit videos to the site, it’s not actual uploading, so there is no wait time involved, it’s automatic embedding from youtube:
1 – sign in to the site and go to ‘Post Youtube Video’
2 – Fill out a title, select one of 4 categories for videos and paste the video URL (vlogs, costume builds, video slideshows or fan films) Click post and you’re done! the videos are embedded and pop up in a beautiful light box
3+4 – You can view the video in one of 4 available sections or in ‘Manage My Videos’


How this site is different from the classic version:

Don’t worry 😀 is not going anywhere, just in case you were wondering. I wanted to make this second more modern version (, when i found new software and cool plugins that could be useful to the community.  It’s optimized for easy fluid mobile viewing and for registered users, it’s very interactive. You can make your own profile, blogs, post photos, plan events, and so much more.
I tried my very best to make this newer site as easy and as user friendly as possible, not to mention i wanted to hand the reigns over to you. So you are in control of  your own content and when and how you want to upload it. Unlike the classic site, there are no individual galleries for each user, now we have community albums organized by Tomb Raider titles. so when you click on the “Cosplay Photos” link and choose an album, you’ll see multiple photos from multiple cosplayers.


Please make sure that you read carefully if you are about to submit your photos.

  • First, we are very happy to have your pictures, so thank you very much for posting them. This website is dedicated to making the lives of cosplayers easier. Whether you need help cosplaying or want to share your photos with the world. We are here for you.
  • You can submit any number of photos, there is no limit
  • Size & Format: JPEG / JPG format and please make sure the files are under 2mb
  • Make sure you have authorization from your photographers. They work hard and deserve to know where their work is being shared.
  • There can’t be any nudity, inappropriate clothing, offensive gesturing or suggestiveness in your photos.
  • This is an official fansite, one of many voices / representations of the Tomb Raider Community and we’d like to represent it well.
  • Also copyright notices & links watermarked on your pictures are permitted.

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