Cosplayer Bebiana Querido’s Adventures in Egypt

My wonderful friend and community member Bebiana Querido has been a long time Tomb Raider Cosplayer and like many Lara Croft fans, She is an avid lover of all things Ancient Egypt. She recently was able to go on her dream vacation,  I really wanted to interview her and hear all about her adventure.

How was the overall experience?

“Egypt is a land full of mysteries, this trip was exactly what I thought it would be. My expectations were very high and I couldn’t be happier to make this dream come true.
I enjoyed every place I saw, it sure felt like an adventure traveling through Egypt. I started in Luxor, went down the Nile by cruise and stopped in a lot of cities which had temples.
Last city in the south was Aswan and then went straight to Cairo for the last days where I finally saw the pyramids and Sphinx and had the opportunity to go to the museum.
Amazing experience and definitely my favorite destination ever!”

Temple of Edfu

How did you feel coming face to face with the pyramids of Giza?

“First time I saw the pyramids in front of me was magical. They are massive monuments and in good condition too!  It was amazing to be able to be staring at these magnificent wonders. I went inside the great pyramid and it just felt unreal. You can feel there’s  something special about it.
A lot of times I found myself just sitting in front of them, gazing and wondering how it was back then. I just couldn’t believe my eyes. I felt a special connection with them.”

The Great Pyramid of Giza, Cairo, Egypt

How did you feel coming face to face with the iconic Sphinx?

“The Sphinx was the protector of the pyramids. Under this monument, there are some rooms that were used to perform mummification.
The Sphinx was a surprise though. It is smaller than I thought, but that doesn’t take its magnificence away.
How did they build it with such precision? Every detail on its face was well shaped as if it’s a drawing. It sure is amazing to be able to see it in front of your eyes!”

What was your favorite temple?

“My favorite temple was definitely the Temple of Edfu, also known as the Temple of Horus. It’s very big and hides a lot of secret corridors. There are a lot of walls full of hieroglyphs, some small, some very big. It’s fascinating to be there and just look at them.
I honestly just wanted to be there all day contemplating this amazing “art work” and imagine how it was back then with all royal families living there.”

Temple of Edfu. Bebiana’s homage to Lara Croft’s Loading screens

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?

“The most surprising thing was the Valley of the Kings. It’s a 30m car ride from the small city of Luxor. Entering the royal tombs was amazing. The most beautiful things you can find in Egypt are here in these tombs.
The art work inside is breathtaking! The hieroglyphs are beautiful, colorful and they tell you a lot of stories. The place where they had the tombs is surreal. Couldn’t believe my eyes knowing that these Pharaohs were left here for thousands of years and there I was, inside those tombs that were made specially for such important people. Amazing feeling!”

Crossing the Nile
Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut.

What do you recommend is a must see above all else in Egypt?

“If you go to Egypt you definitely have to see pyramids and Sphinx but that’s not the only thing: you have to see the temples! They are spread all over Egypt but the most iconic ones are next to the Nile in the south. Taking a cruise through these cities is the best option!
In Cairo, you have to visit the museum. It’s definitely a must! I saw the royal mummies and I also saw the Tutankhamen’s tomb. I had goosebumps!! The very mask that was laying on his mummy was there, in front of me, like new!!! Intact!
Another amazing thing you can do while staying in Cairo is to book a room in one of the hotels next to the pyramids. I honestly felt blessed all the time!”

How did it feel to live like a Tomb Raider for a short time?

“I’ve played tomb raider since I was a little girl. My favorite of all time is TR4 The Last Revelation. It’s all in Egypt (they should produce a remake of this one). That one left a mark on my childhood. I had to go to Egypt to experience these levels in real life!
The name of the levels are actual places in Egypt and that was my main goal! Of course I was inspired by Lara. I always wanted to be Lara and being able to be on adventure in Egypt was like a dream come true!
I could not only play the game but BE the game! Call me crazy but I felt like somehow I belonged there discovering those places. I was different than the other tourists, I was actually living it, feeling it. Not only taking pictures but actually imagining how it is to be Lara. It was my dream trip and I really felt like Lara Croft. A dream came true!! I want to come back because there is still so much more to see!”

Temple of Karnak
Temple of Edfu.

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