What Makes a Good Cosplayer

Believe it or not, being a great cosplayer has nothing to do with your costume being accurate, or how good your pictures are, or how famous you are or even how fit and pretty you are.

It has everything to do with being a nice , decent human being to your fellow cosplayers, helping them realize their goals, treating them like brothers and sisters not competitors, even if you enter a competition together, it has to be all in the name of fun.

It’s got nothing to do with what generation of game you like, or whether you disagree with a character’s new outfit, new look or new storyline. That should not be a good reason for a rift in the cosplay community you are a part of. No matter the generation, a good cosplayer always appreciates the hard work gone into the costume and always encourages new comers to pop up into the scene.

A good cosplayer is someone who will always stand up and defend their fellow cosplayers against bashers, they will always want to be there for you when you’ve been hurt for sharing your pictures.

Finally, be happy for someone if the spotlight is shined on their hard work. it makes the community as a whole look good and gets more people interested in the hobby.

Please take the time to consider all these things for a happy and healthy community, full of loving and caring members, because if we don’t stick together, we will be torn apart.

By Sara Croft …

I believe this picture captures just how I want the world of cosplay to be:

Picture by: Charly Brusseau

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