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Tell us about yourself.

Hi darlings! My name’s Julie. I’m a french Canadian cosplayer from Montreal that has this big dream to one day, become a full time cosplayer. I’m a big nerd that adores strong female characters like Erza Scarlet from Fairy tail or Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. I am a part-time cosplayer and Twitch Affiliate streamer. I love to build armors and props out of worbla! Worbla is my joy! I am also a potato that slowly learns how to sew.

Why do you cosplay in general, When did it begin and what does it mean to you?

I cosplay because it makes me feel like I can become anyone. It gives me the confidence that I sometimes wish I had on a daily basis. It’s also just so much fun in general. I love to build things with my hands and I’ve always been a big nerd so combining my fandoms with my crafting joy was very natural to me. Cosplay is my everything. I want to one day be able to make a living out of making props for my store and for others. It’s a crazy dream but I have hopes that if I keep working hard, it will happen eventually. Cosplay is a passion and I hope that I never stop to love it.

What about lara made you want to cosplay them?

I’ve always loved strong female characters and Lara and Erza are both very good examples of those types. I also tend to cosplay characters that are very important to me, which is the case for both of them. I grew up with the Tomb Raider games. My full family used to play them all together and Lara was such an inspiration to me. She was one of the first video games female character of her kind and I wanted to be as badass and fearless as her. For Erza, it came to me very naturally since we are way too similar. I look a lot like her and I have a personnality that is weirdly very close to hers. Once in a while, I feel the need to look cute and graceful and I then decide to make a few Zelda cosplays since the Zelda series are a drug to me haha!

How did you first hear about Tomb Raider?

My dad’s friend first introduced our family to the games and we all got interested on the spot. My mom bought Tomb Raider III for my brother and I and that’s how we started our addiction. I sadly never played the first or second game but I plan to change that soon! It’s actually really fun because my dad’s friend is still in contact with our family and he has been so proud of me over the years for cosplaying as Lara. He has been so supportive and it means the world to me considering how much he loves the series.

How do you assemble your outfits?

I’m a research maniac. I first start to gather a ton of references of EVERYTHING on the costume then I make detailed lists for every piece of the costume, how I would make it, etc. I buy everything that can be bought and I start to search for the materials needed. Depending on the project, I sometimes commission other artists to make me some pieces like bows and more complex things. For Lara’s outfits, I often buy base pieces that I then edits how needed.

Who takes your photos, and what kind of equipment do you use?
I hire photographers here and there but most of my photos are taken by XWicked Games. I actually have no idea of her exact equipment but she has a very good professionnal camera with a full kit (lights, flashes, color gels, etc.)

What is the one item you would add to the croft outfit?

For the reboots, I would say the double pistols are something that I miss dearly. For the classics, I think that a combat weapon like a knife would have probably been very useful and logic.

What are your future costumes?

I will soon begin my Shadow of the Tomb Raider Lara that I plan to finish for August since I have a photoshoot planned. I reserved caves for the occasion!

Favourite TR game:

Tomb Raider The Last Revelation. I just always loved when we would get to go in Egypt. I’ve always wanted to go visit the country! I don’t really have a favourite moment. I love too many haha!

Favourite TR outfit

I would say the classic from 3. It’s so iconic and it means so much to me.

Favourite Non Lara Character

Jonah! I love that guy!

Your Thoughts on the new origins story ?

At first I didn’t like them because I could not accept how different it was. But now after time passed and I finally played the games, I love the new origins. It’s different but it’s such a good story and such a good game that I could only love it.

Your Thoughts on all the movies ?

The first ones with Angelina Jolie were ok. They were not amazing, but if you didn’t consider them based off the games, they were entertaining. Surprisingly, the new one from 2018 was AMAZING! I just LOVED how they made the movie. I only had one minor detail bother me and it was really just a damn reason haha! I loved the new movie so much and I’m excited for the next one!

Do you have any advice for first time cosplayers?

Don’t be scared to fail! Even more experienced cosplayers fail once in a while. Mistakes will happen. What’s important is to learn from them and to not let yourself be discouraged. Also, that’s just a private opinion, pleaseeeee try not to do con crunches. It will give you nothing but stress and sometimes if you end up finishing the costume in your hotel room, believe me it’s not cool. ENJOY YOUR CON! It’s OK to push back a costume! You’ll only be more proud of it’s result if you take your time!

Have you anything you want to share with our readers?

Thank you for showing interest in my costumes and I hope that it was a good read! If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime via my social medias! <3 Stay kind to others!


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