Featured Cosplayer Tiphaine

Featured Cosplayer is…

When did you first hear about Lara?
“I first heard talk of Lara back in 1996 and I discovered her just by chance in a magazine, I had just bought a computer and I was looking for a game to test it, and because I love Egypt so much I decided on tomb raider and I fell in love with Lara�s personality.”

How long have you been a Lara fan?
“I’ve been a fan since 1996”

Favourite TR outfit?
Classic (tr1)
Sola wetsuit (tr2)
and Underworld classic

When did you get into cosplaying?
“I started to cosplay in 2001 I believe, I don�t even know why anymore, I remember I put my outfit together, a t-shirt and some shorts, I took a few photos with my sister and since that day I did not stop!”

How do you assemble your outfits?
“For my outfits, I try to make as many items as possible, backpack, holsters, belt, all of it is hand made, I try to find materials that I need and turn them to whatever I need, (glue is my best friend ) The secret to finding the right clothes is to spend hours going through magazines and finding what looks like lara�s clothes then modify them if necessary”

What is your dream Lara Croft costume?
“I don�t really know, for me, tomb raider underworld is really perfect, but I would love to see the outfit from the comics, (the short turquoise top and brown shorts) in the next game”

Favourite TR game?
“Tomb Raider 1 ^_^”

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