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Hello, my name is Audrey! Lara Croft has been an inspiration of mine for a long time. Shes got my interest sparked to travel more, interested in ancient history, and to always do what i love! Im 21 years old. I enjoy making jewelry inspired by kawaii fashion and gothic fashion as well. In 2019 I finally completed my first Lara Croft cosplay of TR Anniversary. I am hoping to do more Lara cosplays here in the near future! When i first played TR 1, when i was about 5 or 6 , and trying to kill that T-Rex, i knew that deep down i too wanted to be Lara like so many others haha. i haven't played many of the older Tr games, but i will say that my favs are TR Anniversary and Legend, which is when i really reconnected with the nostalgia of when i was a little girl again and thats when i felt Lara came to life and felt more human than just pixelated blocks on a screen.
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1 year
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TR Legend, TR Legend PINK, TR Underworld, TR 1
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