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Hi darlings! My name's Julie. I'm a french Canadian cosplayer from Montreal. I started to cosplay back in 2012, when I still had no idea what the hell I was doing. For the past years I've learned so much through cosplay; I had no knowledge of sewing at all, no clue where to start to create armor or props! I'm sure I was in the same situation as many of you guyz. Living in my small world watching animes and reading mangas, playing video games and drawing, participating in LARP games, working in my part-time job to pay for my expenses and school without knowing the existence of cosplay and conventions. But then, a friend introduced me to this magical world that I fell in love with. My world changed then. Young, I had always wanted to become a magical girl like Sailor moon or CardCaptor Sakura. But with time, my preferences changed radically. I was now into badass strong woman. I've guessed that it's probably why a friend suggested that I start cosplaying with Erza Scarlet from the Anime/Manga Fairy tail. I had never heard of that series yet and I got curious. I started watching it for a few days and it was already clear that Erza would forever be my only Waifu. That's how I got myself into armor and props crafting. If you don't know, Erza is known for her MANY armors. One of my dream is to make all of her armors and expose them on mannequins in a special room in my future house. In my heart, armor and props has always been my favorite part about crafting. I still enjoy sewing but on a totally different level.
Years Cosplayed
Since 2012
Number of TR Related Costumes
My favorite Game
Tomb Raider Last Revelation
My favorite Movie
Tomb Raider 2018
Costumes I have done:
Classic Lara from Anniversary
Catsuit from Chronicles
Remnant jacket from Rise of the tomb raider
Tactical adventurer from Shadow of the tomb raider
Costumes I plan on doing
Antarctica from Tomb Raider 3 planned for December 2018
Wetsuit from Tomb Raider Underworld
Classic outfit from Tomb Raider 1
Young Lara Croft from Tomb Raider Chronicles
Expedition outfit from Rise of the tomb raider
What was your first costume and why?
Classic Lara from Tomb Raider Anniversary, because I've always loved the classics. I started with them and I wanted to start with a classic outfit that's also iconic to the character.
What has been your most memorable cosplay experience?
Recently I've been asked to be a guest in a local convention. This con has putted so much effort into promoting the guests and I have been featured with my Shadow of the tomb raider cosplay a lot. It's so wonderful to see these beautiful photos of myself and the people I've met through this experience has been amazing also.
What is your favorite costume and why?
My new Shadow of the tomb raider Lara. I feel like it fits me so much more than others and I feel comfortable when wearing it. I love the mix of classic and new games feelings that it gives me. Makes me feel badass.
What is the biggest challenge you've overcome while crafting your cosplay?
Learning to sew has been very hard on me. I am an armor and props girl so for me to learn sewing, it's actually a lot more demanding. I've managed to make a ballgown not too long ago and I hope to be able to do even more from now on.
Next Convention
March Toronto Comiccon
Montreal comiccon
Convention History
Montreal comiccon
Quebec Comiccon
March Toronto Comiccon
Anime North
Animara con
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