How to make a functional mini Triangle of Light

For today’s tutorial , i am showing you how i made an adorable mini triangle of light, that is functional in the sense that it closes back together automatically when you put the two halves back together.

I don’t really have too many progress photos, but i will try to explain as much as i can.

Items needed:

  • Polymer clay
  • Polymer carving tool (or you can get it done with pencil, ruler, bobbypin etc)
  • 2 part molding putty
  • 2 part epoxy resin
  • 4 mini magnets 2mm x 3mm
  • superglue
  • black acrylic paint
  • rub’n buff silver paint (or any silver paint you prefer)
  • xacto blade

Step 1:

Carve a whole triangle of light to the best of your ability using polymer clay and bake it according the instructions (this one is 2.5 inches or so)

Step 2: 

Using your favorite 2 part molding putty, make a mold out of the polymer clay triangle.
Press the triangle gently into the uncured putty to capture all your detail , i’ve found that building up the putty while the triangle is on a flat surface was best.

Step 3:

Demold the original polymer clay triangle when cured and mix your resin, poor it into the mold and wait the recommended time, once your resin copy is cured but not too hard, cut it down the middle with a blade (do be careful)  to create the signature break like in the movie
Dig out holes the same sizes as your magnets in each side of your triangle, twice, so 4 holes total and super glue the magnets in place , make sure the holes are directly opposite to each other or this wont work, the magnets need to touch so the triangle can close up easily

Step 4:
Paint your triangle black so it creates dimension when you add the silver tone on top



Finished Product:

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