First Location and Myth revealed, The lost city of Kitezh

In the new Game Informer article, Noah Hughes and the Crystal team reveal one of the myths Lara will be studying and exploring in Rise of the Tomb raider. It will revolve around the lost city of Kitezh (Ki-te-sh), there were actually two cities, Maly (small) Kitezh and Bolshoy (big) Kitezh. There is not much to be found in the history books about them but it is said that the grand prince of Vladamir, Georgy the second, found Bolshoy Kitezh off the banks of Lake Svetloyar in Russia.

The legend says that when a Mongolian prince named Batu Khan invaded Maly Kitezh, Georgy retreated with his army to Bolshoy Kitezh. When Batu caught up with him, the residents of Bolshoy Kitezh did not try to defend themselves, instead started praying. Before Batu’s army could embark, the entire city started sinking, taking all of its secrets and mysteries below the water.

These days it is said that only those who are pure in their heart and soul will find their way to Kitezh. We’ll have to wait until Rise of the Tomb Raider’s release to see how Lara connects this wondrous underwater tomb to the secrets of immortality.
Crystal Dynamics has chosen an uncommon myth to explore, but we’re sure it’s going to be one heck of a story.

Post-impressionist painter Konstantin Gorbatov’s The Invisible Town of Kitezh (1913)
Source: Game Informer

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