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Carla Croft
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Born and raised in Puerto Rico, educated in fine arts and design. World traveler and lover of all things costuming and crafting.
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Tomb Raider 2
My favorite Movie
Tomb Raider 2001
Costumes I have done:
Tomb Raider Classic
Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness Main
Tomb Raider Anniversary Main
Tomb Raider Reborn 2013
Rise of the Tomb Raider Main
Top Cow classic comics Lara
Tomb Raider Cradle of Life Jacket
Shadow of the Tomb Raider Main
Shadow of the Tomb Raider Priest
Costumes I plan on doing
Tomb Raider Legend
Tomb Raider Classic *render*
Tomb Raider movie *Angelina Jolie
Tomb Raider movie Cradle of Life * Wetsuit
Tomb Raider *Alicia Vikander Main
What was your first costume and why?
Tomb Raider classic ! My first forray into the cosplay scene happened in a time back when cosplay for Lara was called "look A likes" ! In Elementary school (back in 98-99) I was just beginning to wear tanktops and cargo shorts whilst putting my hair into a braid 😀 little did I know that when I researched the scene years later to see if I was the only one I had found an entire community ! I was part of planetlara and the raiderquest forums I believe 🙂 I submitted my first photos *albeit* very home made approach and began a long journey that I am still part of !
What has been your most memorable cosplay experience?
My most memorable cosplay experience was meeting Sara 😀 <3 she is our webmaster here for those of you that don't know 😉 ! I was on my way to a community project and my first stop was to see Sara for our long awaited meetup ! You see, Sara and I became best friends and soul sisters back in the era of myspace ! back in 2005-2006 we met and then got together to form what would eventually become tombraidercosplay 🙂 ! We verified cosplayers to be sure the galleries and info represented the people it belonged to, wrote game reviews, made extensive tutorials, and formed a community ! (all of which contributed their own time and effort as well) Sara has been a giant spearhead and the mamma of the mothership 😀 <3 With that in mind, Sara and I met in person around 2014. She surprised me with a community gift that quite literally brought tears to my eyes <3 I was gifted a commission that had fallen through, by her efforts and that of the community that I so cherished and loved I was able to have my dream cosplay ! Anniversary Lara <3 every piece was gathered by a different member and formed a whole costume. I will treasure this memory forever
What is your favorite costume and why?
My favorite Tomb Raider costume is TR2 poly Lara hybrid ! I get to have all the parts of a blocky low res polygon Lara while merging components to my face and body 😀 the smiles over the cardboard braid and painted costume is always worth the work !
What is the biggest challenge you've overcome while crafting your cosplay?
Working on my Shadow priest cosplay was the most challenging ! So many details :O I used CG Society and Hossein Diba's references on the costume in order to work on it ! 3 months later I made 98% of the costume ! I used a myriad of different techniques like clay work, fabric painting, and feathers to make it more authentic 🙂 I still have some work left on the mask and I'd like to repair/ upgrade certain pieces !
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SDCC 2018
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