Tomb Raider Anniversary Scion Prop Tutorial By Jessie Croft

Hello everybody! I am Jessie and I would love to share the process of making the scion from Tomb Raider Anniversary that I made for a friend in the Tomb Raider community!


  • Cardboard
  • Foam
  • Pen
  • Compass
  • Acrylic paint (metallic)
  • Glass paint
  • Varnish

First I printed the images and then drew copies of each piece of the scion.

Since it worked well, I transferred it to the cardboard. It was 2 layers of cardboard for each piece of the scion with foam sandwiched in between the layers of cardboard.

I lined up all the pieces to test that it all fits together.

After sanding, I started painting. I made sure not to make it too flat because the idea was to keep the defects. After all, it is an ancient artifact! 😉

The basic painting:

On top of the base paint I pressed in the details into the card and before I finished it with the varnish, I used Glass paint in the grooves/details so I would get an embossed effect.

Once all the parts were ready, I glued it all together and added the green gems… Here it is the final Scion:

P.S.: I was thinking to make the 3 parts movable, but I couldn’t find a strong enough magnet to hold it all securely together.
JessieTR, Apr 27, 2014 #1

Tomb Raider Scion Pattern

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