Tomb Raider Underworld harpoon gun tutorial by Kat

Reference Picture: (click to enlarge)

So the mood hit me the other night and I decided I wanted the harpoon / spear-gun to go with my Arctic wet suit. First thing I did was take a scan from the players guide and enlarged it to the right size (you can see it in the pics). After doing a little math in my head……….

I figured up what all I needed and took off to the shed to look for parts.

Here’s a pic of the parts I used (everything was used from spare parts lying around)

The handle is cut from 1/4 in birch and layered in three pieces, then sanded into shape. The inner barrel, bolt, and spear tip are different size dowel rods. The rest is different size plumbing parts.

I used wood filler to fill in some of the cracks and seams and electrical tape to help some of the parts fit snugger. Oh, and the bolt action really works

wait for the paint to dry now, then assemble it and then off to another adventure

I over ‘weathered’ it a bit but I’m still happy with it. I still couldn’t get the paint to corporate so I did what I could and then gave it a light overspray with black to give it that used look.

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