Tomb Raider Underworld / LCTOO Backpack tutorial

Tomb Raider Underworld Backpack

It is hard to explain how to make this complicated bag but here’s my attempt:

To make a bag that looks like this, you need:

  • One plain bag that looks roughly the same as Lara’s
  • Pleather or leather
  • thread and needle
  • 3 small release buckles – Ebay Search
  • 2 silver D-rings – Ebay Search
  • FIMO – Ebay Search
  • Silver spray paint
  • Velcro – Ebay Search
  • glue

Reference pictures:

Click to enlarge images

The bag


  • You need a simple black bag:

  • when you have the basic shape, you need the outside triangular piece

    To make it you need buckles and a piece of leather that’s been cut like the shape above,
    …and the buckles attached to it with duct tape.

    here you can see how i sewed the release buckles onThen attach the other sides of the release buckles to the bag

    So the bag will look like this when you snap the buckles into place
  • After you make this you need the top round cap that’s on the bag this can be made out of FIMO and painted black and silver. and attach it to the bag using glue such as this picture below, and the clasp slightly higher attached by stitching to the top fold of the bag
    The shoulder straps of the bag
    I made two almost triangular pieces from pleather and sewed them on like this :

    and two more rectangular pieces to make the top pieces

    then attach pieces of thin pleather to make the underarm parts, make sure you measure it to make a snug fit

    Now its time to make the D-ring loops , just thin pieces of pleather and attach the D-ring by sewing and making sure the opposite side of the D-ring has a loop so you can slide them into the chest pieces

    Time to make these front pieces now:

    You need to cut out some pleather into this shape:

    After i cut them out of pleather i sewed them to prevent tares

    Then make two cuts in the middle, where the centre strap will go through it.

    Slide these into the chest pieces like so then the D-ring pieces then through it one more time:

    You’ll end up with this:

  • The centre strap is laced with Velcro and can open and close by putting one on top of the other


  1. Hopefully this helps and what you end up with is this:

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