How to prepare for conventions

What you need to know about Conventions
By Sara Croft & Carla Lemley

A convention means a large gathering of people with the same interests or agenda, e.g. The San Diego Comic Convention, The Star Trek Convention. Conventions are extremely fun, you have all these like-minded people who are there for the same reason you are!

If you are attending in a costume, be prepared to pose for pictures, be kind to strangers who want a photo with you, don’t ignore them, also be prepared to be touched by them, to an acceptable extent, like an arm around your shoulders. If you are touched in an inappropriate way, do not be silent about it. Let the person who did it know it is not ok, and inform the convention authorities. Cosplay does NOT equal consent.

You’ve got your costume, you’re looking amazing! don’t judge others with lesser costumes than yours, compliment them, take pictures with them, and be nice. If someone has a great costume, try not to feel competitive with them, it can be hard when someone gets all the attention for the same costume/character you are wearing, but that doesn’t mean you have to be mean to them.

Create a nickname you would like to be called by, keeping privacy in mind is a good practice when going to an event with a large audience. One thing that is really overlooked when going to a con is comfort! be sure that your costume provides a degree of reasonable comfort, or that you can readily piece it apart if you need to take breaks in between, surprisingly cons can take much energy to go through with consistent walking and posing

Don’t forget to snack, have lunch or dinner, if caught by a passerby for photos as you are attempting to have lunch kindly let them know you will be there to take photos when you’re done eating. Most importantly don’t forget to hydrate! Most of us forget that hydration is important for our bodies and forgot drinking water for hours, causing exhaustion and dehydration with a faster onset than normal, don’t be the one who gets picked up by an ambulance at the con!

Finally make sure you are well groomed and your costume doesn’t show anything you don’t want it to, if you bend over or pose a certain way, so make sure the costume fits well and covers the important bits.

You will need (essentials):

  • Backpack
  • A phone that can take pics, and is web capable and if you can manage it, has GPS so you can find your way around
  • A camera and batteries
  • Food and keep hydrated with water
  • Cards with your facebook or email on them so you can keep in touch with all the cool people there
  • Maps
  • Hotel number
  • Local taxi numbers

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