Launching New Locked Forum for Cosplayers Who Need Privacy

Greetings Raiders!

So, every once in a while, a new awesome cosplayer joins us that is all too excited to share her/his work, then suddenly change their mind and take down their account and delete their pictures.

I gather up courage and I ask them why?… They say it’s because their photos were discovered by their real life friends, family and acquaintances and they feel a bit silly when confronted with them. so they opt to delete all content they’ve worked so hard on.

This absolutely breaks my heart. It’s always been nagging me in the back of my mind as it’s happened about a dozen times. I’ve been searching for a solution, and finally found one! I decided to create a private discussion forum for just that kind of a cosplayer, the one that wants to be part of the tomb raider cosplay community but doesn’t want their photos easily accessible online.

Unlike our discord server (public and accessible to anyone with a link)  and our facebook group (Facebook shows what groups you like, post in and interact with), the pictures would be safe where only confirmed cosplayers and Tomb Raider fans are allowed on the platform.

What this means:

  • The forum is not accessible to random visitors of the website
  • The forum is not accessible to non-logged in visitors
  • I need to hand approve an already registered member before they are allowed access the forum
  • I can’t promise your work will never be found (some things you have to do yourself like log out of your account after use) but i am doing everything in my power to protect your privacy
  • If you signed up for this website , you already are already pre-approved to access the forum because you already went through the authentication process
  • If you choose to upload your pictures to the normal galleries , people will still be able to find your pictures, you have to upload in the forum itself if you want privacy

So, all cosplayers are welcome here, but especially those who value their privacy but still want to connect with like-minded people in our community.

Link to forum here


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