First 15 Mins of Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

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The first 15 mins of Shadow of The Tomb Raider:

I honestly don’t have anything more to say other than i’m so excited for this title!  I am so happy the campaign is so short, we will get our hands on it Sept 14th. 

One big sigh of relief i took, was that it looks like Eidos Montreal has dodged a huge bullet that took down Bioware with their animation of the main character, Lara is animated very well, The motion capture was not lazy, they got every tiny movement of what I would imagine Camilla Luddington making while she was recording the material.

There are some rough spots where jonah is yelling and the character on screen is not doing anything with his facial expressions, but hopefully that will be ironed out when it’s fully released next month

Can’t wait to play this!

Edit: also worried about Lara’s leg, it was mentioned twice.

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