Shadow of The Tomb Raider Photographer Mode

Photo courtesy of the official Tomb Raider Facebook Page


Photographer Mode is a cool feature in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, never before seen in any other Tomb Raider game!

Have you ever played a game , and came across a cool cut scene or a fantastic view and wished you could do more than just snap screenshots? I know i have, in Shadow of The Tomb Raider, you can do just that and more.

If at any moment, you want to capture the landscapes of Central and South America or Lara’s action-packed moments, you can go into Photographer Mode, you can move the camera around, modify depth, set brightness and saturation and most of all, set Lara’s facial expressions, which sometimes makes for some hysterical pictures.


Customization options include:

  • Camera: Field of View & Camera Roll
  • Depth of Field: Distance & Intensity
  • Picture: Brightness & Saturation
  • Filters: Eight filters with adjustable intensity
  • Borders: Seven borders including letterboxing & polaroid ratios
  • Logos: Add a SOTTR logo to one of nine pre-defined spots
  • Expressions: Change Lara’s facial expression to happy, sad, sly, surprised, angry, and more!

Crystal Dynamics will be hosting weekly challenges after the launch,  so don’t miss out on the fun!

Pre-Order the Croft Edition for Early Access, Play September 12th: TombRaider.Games/–PreOrder

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