Shadow of the Tomb Raider Render Revealed!

Here is it ladies and gentlemen ,  the long awaited gorgeous piece of art that was released in pieces as a tease leading up to the big reveal below.

Although it is official art, we don’t want to rely too much on it for outfit reference, as renders are rarely 100% accurate.

Initial Breakdown / speculation:

  • It looks like the top has mesh patterns, much like the one from Tomb Raider Underworld
  • the undershirt is gray/ maybe light blue
  • She looks to be still carrying a bow
  • and 2 axes
  • a gun holster with a pistol, although we can’t tell if there is another on her other leg, fans have been begging for dual pistols again
  • she seems to be carrying a makeshift machete of sorts, maybe to cut through the thick brush
  • her hair looks longer this time around
  • she has gloves on
  • can’t tell if the pants are cargo or just capris
  • the boots look black


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