Tomb Raider Legend Grapple Tutorial

Tomb Raider Legend Grapple Tutorial

thanks to Kat for providing it

Reference Picture:

Like the Anniversary grapple this can be made out of a number of things. The first one I ever made was out of cardboard. My latest ones are made from wood (1/4 inch Birch purchased at Lowe’s)

Instructions for making it from wood. Click the thumbs for the larger pics 🙂

What you need:

  • Wood (I used 1/4 birch)
  • Magnetic snap
  • sandpaper or file
  • wood filler
  • wood glue
  • goop or E6000
  • paint
  • Mod podge or other sealer
  • jigsaw/hacksaw

    First thing to do is carefully cut out the center (compass) circle out of the front grapple piece. Save this, you will use it later. Using the pattern cut three grapple shapes from the wood. One with the large hole (front). The second with the small hole (back). And the third with no hole (middle).

    Pieces should look like this:

    Next sand the rough edges, to get rid of the splinters. It doesn’t have to be perfectly smooth yet. Make sure the pieces line up, then glue and clamp in the right order.

    When the glue is completely dry, remove it from the clamps and using the file and some elbow grease 🙂 sand the edges smooth. After sanding, if the edges are still uneven or there’s seam lines use the wood filler and when it’s dry…..sand again. 🙂

    When you’re finally happy with the shape. It’s time to paint. There’s two versions of the grapple, depending on which outfit Lara is wearing: a off-white color and a dark grey.

    After you’re finished painting, take the center (compass) circle and using mod podge or plain white glue, glue it into the large center circle on the front of the grapple. Use the mod podge or other sealer of your choice to…well seal the paint ;D

    After it’s dry, use goop or E6000 to glue the magnetic snap into the small hole in the grapple back. Attach the other part of the snap to your belt.

    And you’re finished!

    Thanks for reading. 🙂

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