We were featured in the 2018 Guinness world record

I completely forgot to share this with all of you but just in time for our 12th year anniversary, our site was featured in the 2018 Guinness world record book, This is incredibly flattering and huge honor!

When I started this website , i had no idea how huge it would get, honestly it was something i had built for a very niche and very specific audience and for my own convenience as a way to bring my cosplayers together, almost 12 years ago today, i started my site laracroft-forever.com where i had a small gallery of lookalikes and cosplayers , five or six tutorials, some reference photos, and a myspace page.

The site went through many changes with the help of my friend Julia and Linny, they taught me so much about being a website administrator, and for that i can’t thank them enough.

Anyways! Just thought I’d share this awesome tidbit with you 😀

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